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about us

About us

BlueMango Design creates successful brand & corporate visual identities as well as packaging and retail designs for brands we use and see in our daily life.

Today, brands have become an intricate part of our daily lives and therefore we believe they should make us feel better.
We like aesthetic and design and see it as our quest to help brands become more appealing. We strive to be the ideal partner to each of our clients: provide creative solutions, ideas for growth and return on investment

BlueMango Design was created by Bernard Puttaert, a marketer in love with brand design. After his MBA studies and 9 years of marketing positions at multinationals like Beiersdorf, Coca-Cola Company and Douwe Egberts (Sara Lee) he started working at the service side and managed two major design agencies with locations in Belgium, France and China.
Ten years later he decided to launch his own design agency, BlueMango Design, located in Brussels. A new design agency created by a marketer that offers real solutions for brands.

Like a “blue” mango we want to stand out, be different in our way of working. Defining new creative working methods, be open to participative creation, work hand in hand with other appointed design agencies to find the best solutions for the brand.
Will the blue mango taste better than the others?  Those who have tried just loved it!

1Think further:

As an external consultant, grounded on experience in diverse markets, we have the advantage of panoramic scope. We understand the bigger, strategic picture and point out potential missing links and hidden opportunities.

2Think further:

We use different methods during our creative process in order to increase the accuracy of our output (Blue Design TM  & Blue Cognitive TM). These methods are based on the analyze of the graphical codes of the brand and its environment, as well as a classification of the different design objectives.

3Deliver as if it were our own:

Simultaneously, we picture ourselves in your shoes. We treat your brand as if it were our own. We have an eye for details and we use it like a proactive team member on your project. Our objective is to have the highest quality service in the market.

4Help you save time:

We manage your project applying a broad list of skills, ranging from analytical expertise for market research, to technical print aspects, to multi language copywriting. Always something that comes in handy to get your project to move forward.

Our contribution

Our Contribution

Contribute to the protection of our planet is important to us because we want our kids to be able to see the beauty of it as much as we do

How ?

  • We increase home working to reduce travel pollution
  • We use private cloud server with low energy consumtion
  • We use business cars with minimal CO² emissions (<10ggr/km)
  • We work out with our client new packaging with reduced waste impact