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Lotus Zebra rebranding

We were asked to perform a substantial design evolution for Lotus Zebra. The goal was to reach a larger audience by creating a more dynamic, modern and impactful Zebra identity.


We wanted the packaging design to make Zebra unmistakably unique, bearing in mind the numerous substitutes available to consumers on biscuit shelves. Therefore we chose to bring alive the most essential visual Zebra feature, resulting in a design that revolves around stripes.


Lotus Bakeries also decided to extend the Zebra-range with a third reference, so we clarified the range structure with unambiguous variety names: Zebra Original, Zebra Chocolate (instead of “Zebra Black”) and Zebra Raspberry.


So far, the two Zebra biscuit varieties had been failing to stand out on shelf and be memorable to consumers, being strongly dominated by the Lotus branding. In other words, there was no Zebra-identity. We came up with the right balance between standing out and fitting in on shelf.


We also abandoned the use of the classic transparent window to allow for stronger visual taste appeal and increase differentiation from private label products.


We also defined the design look-and-feel for POS-material, developing an in-store display and other visual material.