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How to manage a global brand identity declination?

As a result of the introduction of the new Biscoff branding we received the mission to decline a great part of the packaging worldwide.

About 75 new designs were developed for the different Biscoff product categories, based on the new guidelines. Biscoff cookies, filled cookies, ice cream, spread and chocolates were all put in a new design.


Packaging’s with different shapes and formats needed a specific design treatment and we also had to respect the different local regulations.


We finalized this global mission in a short period of 5 months, a great achievement knowing the pressure of speed to market asked by the different countries.

But our role didn’t stop there as we also had to create more than 500 product simulations and e-commerce images for all the different countries.


And the challenge was to maintain identical red color declinations on all communication supports as the Lotus red color is a propriety color and not a Pantone color.